Islamic Studies Standardized Tests
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Islamic Studies Standardized Tests           

Why Donate:

The Islamic Studies Standardized Tests is headed by a non-profit organization (501 c3).  Donations for this initiative are welcomed and essential as a program of this magnitude cannot sustain without the committed support of community members like you. 

The ISST is dependent on supporters that will help revolutionize our process of educating our children.  Islamic studies subjects are in need of educational standards as this ensures that all students, no matter where they live are given the appropriate knowledge to make positive choices and successful decision as they move towards becoming responsible adults.  Support for this program will assist in safeguarding the consistency and quality of education from school to school and state to state.  The established benchmarks will help create clear goals for teachers, students and parents.  It is vital that our community work together towards this common goal so that our Muslim students have a well-rounded education that leads them to become commended members of society.

Contributions made to the ISST program are used in the following ways:

Please help us in providing quality Islamic education to our Muslim students worldwide.



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