Islamic Studies Standardized Tests
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Islamic Studies Standardized Tests           

How the Test Works

The Islamic Studies Standardized Tests (ISST) follows a similar procedure to other nationally recognized standardized assessments such as IOWA, PLAN, or STAR.

Test Quick Facts



Who is Tested?

Students in grades 2 – 8.

What Subjects are Tested?

Each test comprises of a total of 80 items (split into four subjects)

      Quranic Studies (20 questions)

      Sirah and Hadith (20 questions)

      Aqidah, Fiqh, and Akhlaq (25 questions)

      Islamic History (15 questions)

What Topics are Tested?

Test questions are derived from National Islamic Studies Standards

How Much Time is Needed to Test Students?

Total testing time requires 80 minutes

-  (this does not include instruction time or a 10 min. session break) -  Please note: It is recommended to complete tests in one day

What Type of Test is the ISST?

Tests are formatted in Scantron style.

-  Note: Grade 2 test takers have the option of circling answers within the test booklet

6 Steps for Participating in the ISST

Step 1

• Select testing dates and mark on school calendar

• Optimal testing time between March – May

Step 2

• Order materials using the ISST Order Form

Step 3

• Train test adminstrators using the ISST Testing Manual

• Inform parents about upcoming tests

Step 4

• Administer tests according to planned schedule

• Keep tests in a secure location when not in use

Step 5

• Collect completed tests and return answer sheets to SME for scoring

• Testbooklets can be re-used for a minimum of 3 years

Step 6

• Use data gathered from student reports to make informed program decisions






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